Unique hotel in the Canary Islands, in La Villa de La Orotava. La Orotava Valley. Tenerife

 A warm welcome to the Hotel of your dreams

 The Eclectic style-like current appearance of the building of the Alhambra Hotel is due to two consecutive refurbishments, projected by Mariano Estanga , for the Ascanio family, which were accomplished in 1925.

 He chose elements of classicist origin, as the curve pediments or the balcony balaustrades.

 He proposed the recreation of a “nazarí” (Muslim) courtyard in the inside, by means of horseshoe arches, tiling zocles and ornamentation made with plaster.

 The atmosphere of the Alhambra Hotel is very comfortable and inviting, offering a personalised service, providing an alternative to the clients who run away from hustle and bustle. There are different types of communal rooms: living rooms, reading rooms and exhibition rooms with paintings and frescos of the Maestro Antonio Otazzo , among others. It also has a reserved area for parking outside.








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